Medical / Home Adaptations for Disability

There are many places online where you can get home adaptations and home improvements to make your home more accessible. In many cases these adaptations can save you all the hassle and stress of having to move home.

Arts4dementia arts links and home improvements for people with dementia – Helping people with dementia stay alert for longer by using the arts

Diagnosis and care for people with dementia – Help for people and carers with dementia

olderMedical Resources from Prospect Medical Practice A doctors surgery that offers help and resources for people with dementia

Home adaptation information South Eastern and social car trust offer useful resources to help with a variety of issues faced by older people including dementia

Health Links Monklands offers many useful sites to help with dementia and related health conditions

Dementia help and household adaptations This is a local site to Harborough offering help to patients and carers.


This section includes some grants and benefits that are specifically aimed at pensioners. There are also helpful resources to help with DIY type tasks around the home that may be a little more difficult nowadays.

Help for OAPS Information such as household adaptations for older people who may be struggling with mobility issues

Home improvements for partially sights people Positive Health is a great site that has a lot of information about a very wide variety of health conditions

T2Group Home improvement and equality links T2group offer information on many topics from disability home improvement to addiction

List of resources for home improvements and charities The British Legion a well known charity offer information about a wide variety of issues

List of Home adaptations and charities sites for OAPS Information that is local to guildford provided by a local charity

St George hospital links for DIY tasks to make home more accessible St Georges hospital offers information about disability and making your home more suitable to your needs

Helping older people  HelpAge International is a global network of organisations working with and for older people

Age of Creativity – Creativity can support older people  Age of Creativity is an online platform to share, celebrate and inspire work in the field of arts and older people

Independent Age – Advice and Support for older age Independent Age can provide you and your family with clear, free and impartial advice on the issues like care and support, money and benefits, health and mobility


A general list of charities to help with grants, benefits and help with the cost of home improvements

Useful home improvement and charity links Lowestoft Dial offer information about DIY/Home Improvement tasks that can be done to make a home more suitable for someone with a disability

Home improvements for older adults Cropkent a charity offers resources to help the most vulnerable people in society

Home adaptations for disabled people Hertblind offers information to help blind people

Disabled people resources A general disability site with lots of useful information

Relative Matters Resources A site aimed at helping older people who fund their own care


Other Useful Links

Home Adaptations and crime resources A website that discusses how to avoid being a victim of crime

Links to charitable sites and household improvements This is a Canadian site that offers information about helping blind people

Practical and Financial support guide for carers The Carers Rights Guide is here to outline your rights as a carer

NHS guide for Dementia NHS information and advice for people with dementia and their friends and families

Some Benefits and tax credits Advice on benefits and tax credits that you may be entitled to and that may help with the extra cost.

Nice guide and resources about individualized education program (IEP)  Individualized Education Program (IEP) Guide and Other Resources

Child Poverty Action Group Charity in England works on behalf of the one in four children in the UK growing up in poverty

Citizens Advice Provides the advice people need for the problems they face and improve the policies and practices that affect people’s lives – Increase the value of your home by DIY/Home Adaptation


A list of links that aims to help with the addition challenges autism can bring.

General information and Advice about autism Information for general practitioners about Autism

One stop shops for people with autism in Scotland List of one stop shops and their contact details

A guide for teachers Useful tips for teachers, if you have a child with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in your class

People’s experience about autism  Everything you need to know about people’s experience with autism

Financial Assistance for children with autism All information you need for financial assistance about Autism


Useful Links for Dementia Carers

Here we list some resources aimed at helping with the extra financial costs of dementia as well as emotional support

Free resources for healthcare professionals to give best care possible Free resources help to support you in your role and to deliver the best care possible

Advice for the nurses and other healthcare professionals Tips and advice for hospital nurses and other healthcare professionals responsible for the care of people with dementia

Helpful information about the diagnosis or symptoms of dementia All you need to know about symptoms of dementia and treatments

Guidelines for supporting people in dementia and their carers in health and social care Full guidelines including Introduction, Implementations, Research and Guidance for people with dementia

Resource for patient and caregivers These educational resources focus on helping patients and caregivers better identify key cognitive symptoms

Support for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregivers Support for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregivers